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The Water Hub | Bringing Innovation & Development Together

The Franschhoek Water Hub is an exciting new project that will inspire a new generation of leaders in water management in the context of rapid urbanisation and limited financial resources.


While there are other similar projects around the globe, it will be the first of its kind to demonstrate state-of-the-art techniques and technologies suitable for the African context. Billed to be a centre of knowledge and learning, the Franschhoek Water Hub will connect multiple elements of the urban and regional water cycle and will explore new options for the treatment of contaminated water, including the use of natural systems and bioprocesses.


Through collaboration with government, research institutions and industry, The Water Hub will be instrumental in the promotion of:

  • More liveable cities and towns;

  • Healthier rivers and wetlands; and

  • Increased food security.

The training and skills development provided at the Water Hub will seek to inspire a new generation of water leaders to forge new knowledge about green technologies in water resource management. 


The Western Cape Government in partnership with Stellenbosch Municipality are proposing the redevelopment of the site of the old Franschhoek Wastewater Treatment Works.  This initiative will see the establishment of a research, technology demonstration and skills development centre focussed on advancing knowledge of how nature can clean polluted water and restore the health of our rivers. As part of the project conferencing facilities and associated infrastructure will be established for up to 300 attendees.

Water Hub

Located in the winelands of Franschhoek, showcasing innovative reasearch and presenting the beauty of water in nature, the Water Hub will be a regular recreation destination. Not so different from visiting a museum or and aquarium, visiting the Water Hub will be a day out for the whole family - with much to learn.


Water Hub

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